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2015 SEG Distinguished Lecture Program by Dimitri Bevc (Chevron) * A 45-minute to one-hour lecture

Velocity Model Building Full-waveform inversion: Challenges, opportunities, and impact
Day: September 8th, Hour: 11am.
725 Continental Hotel . Salón Avant Garde III
Av. Roque Sáenz Peña 725. CABA.

Selection as a Distinguished Lecturer is viewed as a major honor and recognition of excellence by the SEG. In addition to recognizing an individual’s contributions to the science or application of geophysics, this position is an active effort to promote geophysics, stimulate general scientific and professional interest, expand technical horizons, and provide a connection to SEG activities and practices.

Agradecemos a Chevron Argentina por el apoyo para llevar adelante esta actividad.